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Gen Z is Changing Everything: Video

At the Aspen Ideas Festival, Walton Family Foundation moderated a panel of Gen Z college students about their perspectives on education, community, trust, and more.
September 21, 2022
Group of students sitting and standing around stairs talking to each other.

Aspen Ideas Festival: Gen Z is Changing Everything

During the summer of 2022, the Walton Family Foundation hosted a Gen Z panel at the Aspen Ideas Festival. As part of this session, three Zoomers shared a very important message: If you trust us, Gen Z will strengthen our communities and civil society at large.

The panel consists of Gen Z students Iyana Gross, Delashay Lawrence, and Krasi Staykov, moderated by Romy Drucker, covering issues that matter to the generation like education, mental health, and career and life preparedness.

Choosing to invest in us (Gen Z) and choosing to trust us requires you not only to listen to us, but to actually hear what I’m saying; to open your mind, to believe that you can learn from me. While it is true that you can learn from your elders, you can also learn from us.
Iyana Gross
College Student