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Gen Z's Roadmap to Success: Live

The Walton Family Foundation hosted a LinkedIn live discussion on Gen Z and their perspectives on education and their future careers.
November 6, 2023
Professor Holding Lecture to a Multi Ethnic Group of Students.

Gen Z’s Roadmap to Success: Education and Careers

Walton Family Foundation Education Fellow Rachel Janfaza hosted a special LinkedIn Live event to dive into research by Gallup and the Walton Family Foundation on Gen Z’s perspectives. Rachel was joined by SocialSphere, Inc. Founder and CEO John Della Volpe and Meridian World School Senior Pearson Mudhol. The conversation centered around how we can better prepare students for stable futures by focusing on potential career paths, financial security and the importance of making an impact.

There is an overwhelming sense of excitement when students are working while taking classes that will set them up for future success. [...] They shared that when they take a hands-on approach and can earn a wage while they are also in school at the same time, it’s easier to see things more practically instead of just in the theoretical.
Rachel Janfaza
Education Fellow, Walton Family Foundation

Panelists share their own perspectives and the perspectives of other young people garnered through years of experience, highlighting the power of Gen Z and their hopes for the future.

When young people vote, what makes me so optimistic is they’re fighting for the rights of those even more vulnerable than themselves.
John Della Volpe
CEO and Founder, SocialSphere, Inc.