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Voices of Gen Z: Live

Walton Family Foundation hosted a LinkedIn live panel discussing new research on Gen Z’s education and preparing them for their futures.
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September 28, 2023
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Perspectives on U.S. Education, Wellbeing and the Future

Walton Family Foundation Director of Education Romy Drucker led a conversation with Gallup Editor-in-Chief Mohamed Younis and NYU Stern professor Suzy Welch on shaping an education system that will respond to Gen Z’s needs and set them up for success.

The discussion took place following the release of the Walton Family Foundation and Gallup Gen Z Panel, one of the largest and most comprehensive national surveys tracking the sentiments and behaviors of Gen Z. The panelists cover various issues concerning Gen Z today, including finding their passions, engaging students, internships and careers, and more. 

[Gen Z is] hopeful and optimistic about the future, and yet [...] school is not setting them up for success. [...] It’s not a place that engages them, it’s not a place that captures their interest and helps them feel like they’re developing skill sets and mindsets that are going to prepare them for their future.
Romy Drucker
Director of Education, Walton Family Foundation

Education leaders and innovators, this one’s for you. Students are telling us what they need to succeed in school and in their future careers. It’s time for us to listen and act.

It’s better to be the author of your life than the editor, and what Gen Z wants desperately is to have (a) voice.
Suzy Welch
Professor, NYU Stern School of Business